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Recorded 1968. Released 1973

All Our Own Work 1973 [click for larger image]
Hallmark SHM 813 1973 stereo

All Our Own Work
Hallmark SHM 813 Copenhagen, August 1967 (released 1973)
Produced by Gustav Winckler,
engineered by Ivar Roserlberg.
Dave Cousins - vocals, guitars, banjo;
Tony Hooper - vocals, guitars;
Ron Chesterman - bass;
featuring Sandy Denny - vocals, guitar;
with Ken Gudmand - drums.
This is basically the same album as
Sandy and The Strawbs but with some different tracks.

This recording and the later Sandy and The Strawbs recording are both notable, in that they both contain the first recording of what has become Sandy's most well known song, the very stark and very beautiful Who Knows Where The Time Goes.

Patrick Humphries writes in Meet On The Ledge (the first edition) as follows (page:19): "Sandy joined the Strawbs for six months in 1968, and recorded one album with them. Dave Cousins remembered her doing a floor spot at The Troubador "looking like an angel, and singing like one." The album was recorded on a 2-track machine in Sweden, but not officially released here until 1973 on a budget label. All Our Own Work by Sandy Denny and the Strawbs is virtually a showcase for the material of their leader and principal songwriter David Cousins, and contains a number of his excellent songs beautifully sang by Sandy. It was a foretaste of what was to come on the "splendid" proper Strawbs debut album on A&M the following year".

All Our Own Work 1973 [click for larger image]
Hallmark SHM 813 1973 stereo

  1. On My Way (Cousins)
  2. Who Knows Where The Time Goes (Denny)
  3. Tell Me What You See In Me (Cousins)
  4. Always On My Mind (Hooper)
  5. Stay Awhile (Cousins)
  6. Wild Strawberries (Cousins/Hooper)

  1. All I Need Is You (Cousins)
  2. How Everyone But Sam Was A Hypocrite (Cousins)
  3. Sail Away To The Sea (Cousins)
  4. Sweetling (Hooper)
  5. Nothing Else Will Do (Cousins)
  6. And You Need Me (Cousins)

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